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BLOCKSignalling DC Shuttle with Speed Controller SS2A

Ref: SS2A

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Product Details:
BLOCKSignalling DC Shuttle with Speed Controller SS2A

DC Shuttle Train Controller with Adjustable Delay and Built-in Speed Controller

- Automatically operates a train backwards and forwards along a single line
- Waiting time at the ends can be varied with a simple screwdriver adjustment
- The module includes speed control, so a separate controller is not required
- An acceleration function is also included for trains departing for a more realistic operation.
- An led on the PCB shows when the train is moving forwards, and flickers when it is reversing
- Fixed and random delays can be programmed easily for realistic operation
- Microprocessor controlled for accuracy
- Simple wiring and operation

The train stops when it crosses a track gap at the end of the line, cutting off power to the locomotive. A diode is fixed across the gap and so allows the train to run in the opposite direction when the module changes the polarity to the track. Two diodes are supplied to fix across the track breaks.The delay time can be set between 1 second to 10 minutes using the simple adjustment on the module. Easy programming allows the delays to be either fixed or random (between 25% and 100% of the set time on each run). This model has a built-in DC throttle, so you can set the delay with one adjustment and the speed of the train with the other, whilst saving the cost of an additional DC throttle to control your shuttle trains. An acceleration function is also included for trains departing for a more realistic operation.

Power Supply

The module requires a 12V DC power supply, with a minimum recommended capacity 0.5A for N and Z scale and 1.0A for OO and HO scale.
It is important to connect the power with the right polarity, otherwise the module will not operate.
No damage will be caused by incorrect polarity connection, or using a power supply of other than 12V, although the module may get warm and shutdown to protect itself.

Other Ideas

Trains can be operated at different speeds by inserting one or more diodes in the feed to the track. Each diode has an approximate 0.7V voltage drop.
Use a different number of diodes in each direction to create different speeds in each direction. You need at least one diode for each direction.

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