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    Welcome to AJM Railways Online

    Specialising in Model Railway items to Customers in Australia, USA, Canada and New Zealand. I aim to be highly competitive in prices and postage as well as providing Fast Postage and a Friendly Service. Read more...

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    An Important Announcement from

    Update to our announcement last week:

    Further to our previous announcement (below), in the light of the issues with Hornby and in response to customer demand we shall now be putting OO scale Locomotives back on the site for the following brands as and when their new issues arrive in stock:


    Hornby locomotives that we feel will be popular and which are available to Band 3 Retailers will also be added to the Locomotives Section.

    We do not however propose at this stage in our lives to build back a full and substantial range of OO scale Rolling Stock so for Customers wanting a good supply of Hornby and Bachmann Coaches and Wagons we would recommend you to Terry Vivian of Hampshire Models using the link below. We have worked with Terry over the past year or so on other projects and found him to be easy to deal with, fair in his pricing and also he stocks other OO ranges we have not previously offered like Wills Kits. Terry has now altered his site to deduct UK VAT for Foreign Orders.

    Our decision to reintroduce the above Locomotives from the 4 Brands mentioned is both in response to our Customers demands and also, it seems unfair to cancel our pre orders with Manufacturers who produce enough models to match the Trade demand for them and therefore it is a case of loyalty to those Brands

    Terrys site is available from the Link below:

    The Previous Announcement:

    I will begin with 2 apologies, the first and most important being to my Customers in respect of the way recent events have and will affect my future ability to supply in the manner you have become used to and the second apology is for the time it has taken to convey this to you.

    As some of you already know, Hornby decided to "Band" retailers back in January. Now 4 months later they have finally given further clarity as to why and how each account is banded. In this announcement, they describe Band 3 retailers as for example online retailers without a Bricks and Mortar shop. Since we are not in a position to open a physical shop here in the UK at such short notice we are now a Band 3 Customer

    While it is good to have received such clarification the initial effects of the "banding" back in January started to be felt when pre orders placed in January were then "allocated" back to much lower numbers. Gradually since then the "allocations" became more and more severe and in the May announcement confirming the banding rationale, any account in Band 3 was immediately removed from any pre order capacity and all existing pre orders were cancelled. Band 3 retailers are now only able to order "in stock" items and not future releases. So for example if a loco is released this week then Band 1 and 2 will receive theirs and if stock remains not allocated to the Hornby website then Band 3 customers can place orders a few days later

    I have enjoyed building a business this past 12 years and having a great relationship with customers all over the globe and initially this whole situation hit me severely both physically and mentally. However, it also made me realise the old addage "life is too short" and as such, after discussion with another well known retailer here in the UK, I decided to sell all my OO scale Rolling Stock in a deal that concluded last week. While I was sad to see this happening it also made me realise the net value of the stock was much higher than I had ever envisaged and as such, I can afford to take this all on the chin and not be too worried about it from a "selfish" perspective.

    However just as the hobby is in the veins of my customers, supplying them is embedded in mine. My thoughts are to continue the AJM site offering the remaining OO ranges like Train Tech, Oxford Diecast, as well as the existing HO ranges like Faller, Noch, Prieser etc which serve both HO modellers and have some commonality with OO modellers. Similarly the "non scale" items like Block Signalling, Loksound, DCC decoders and Hornby and Peco track and points will still be available on the site.

    With regards to the other OO manufacturers (Dapol, Heljan, Bachmann, Accurascale and soon, Rapido Trains), my thoughts are to take all their future locos and offer them on the AJM site with each new loco being available for 8 weeks (or longer if a Customer says he wants one but asks for it to be held for him). After that I will delist the locos and set them for sale in the UK only as having thinned out my stock holdings I really am not inclined, at my age, to build it back up again. Should this suit my Customers I will continue to do this.

    With regards to Hornby, for as long as they are happy to allow me to have an account (and this is totally in their control), I am happy to continue to offer their available new locos again on an 8 week rolling basis. Any loco listed will be in stock with me already and I cannot take pre orders for new releases until after they are offered to Band 1 and 2 accounts as set out above. I appreciate this does mean that some locos eg Hush Hush are unlikely to be available via AJM at all.

    Dealing with Coaches and Rolling stock I do not propose to get back into this to the extent of holding vast quantities of stock for many years into the future, so am happy for any Customer to simply ping me an email with the stock codes and quantities and I can see if I can supply this order on a bespoke basis at my usual competitive prices and shipping. This will apply to all manufacturers coaches and wagons in OO scale and only future releases (ie items already in stock on the manufacturer website as I seek to maintain a good service but avoid holding vast stock in the future.

    I appreciate that this scenario of future orders will not suit all Customers and to them I can only apologise and wish them well in the future and thank them for their past Custom

    For Customers who are "happy to give AJM a try" in the future I again thank you and hope that I can offer you a good service with prompt replies and a reasonable level of successful outcomes on their inquiries

    As the saying goes "every cloud has a silver lining" and my initial upset and fears etc are now a distant memory as I know whatever happens I cannot be affected by the decisions of others beyond my control and regardless of their motivations. Any sadness is only to my Customers whom I may loose or who themselves are unable to get the items they require or at least in a manner that is affordable to them

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and again to all my Customers globally I can only say I hope you enjoy your layouts .. who knows .. I may even now have time to build a layout myself!

    Best Wishes



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