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BLOCKSignalling Block Occupancy (Train Detector) BOD2-NS


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Product Details:
BLOCKSignalling Block Occupancy (Train Detector) BOD2-NS

Quick and easy way to detect trains anywhere on your layout, even in tunnels

- Detects passing trains using its in-built infra-red sensor
- Operates from 8V to 25V DC, 8V to 16V AC, or uses DCC as a power feed and feeds signals at 12V
- Very easy to connect up to simple indications on a control panel or to add as inputs to computer systems
- No soldering required, all components are ready wired
- No programming necessary(but you can adjust all settings if you wish)

An often asked question is how to detect trains in tunnels, or on layouts where enthusiasts run their trains in twilight, or even in complete darkness. In these situations, photocell operated detectors will not work, and so you need a detector with a built-in light source.

The BOD2-NS has a built-in infra-red detector which can "see" in the dark and can detect trains in these situations.

Two leds and a small relay can be connected. Normally one of the leds is lit ("NO TRAIN"). When a train crosses the sensor, the first led is extinguished and the second led is lit (and relay, if connected) is energised. These leds can be fixed on a control panel to show a train has crossed the sensor.

After the train clears the sensor, the module resets to just the first led being illuminated. A delay can be set before this occurs to allow the train indication to remain present for a period, or the indication can immediately reset to the first led being illuminated.

The instantaneous mode is useful for precisely locating a train, for example for uncoupling, whereas the delayed mode gives a train present indication and ignores the gaps between the carriages.

You can power the module from 12V-25V DC, 12V to 16V AC, or from a DCC bus feed. The module reduces the supply voltage down to 12V to feed the signals and external resistors are not required as these are built into the module.

Please Note

LED's and Relay are NOT included

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