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BLOCKSignalling Level Crossing Module Automated Barriers & Sound LCS6B4

Ref: LCS6B4

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Product Details:
BLOCKSignalling Level Crossing Module Automated Barriers & Sound LCS6B4

The LCS6B4 is based on the existing Level Crossing Module, the LCS6B, but able to drive four gates rather than two.

- Automatically detects traction current drawn by scale model trains approaching the level crossing
- Suitable for single or multiple tracks on DC or DCC layouts
- Operates attached yellow and red leds on level crossing signs (not included)
- Plays one selected sound from a choice of 18 pre-recorded level crossing sounds from around the world
- Operates up to four servos (included) for connection to crossing barriers or gates across the road
- Once train has cleared the track section, the barriers return to their start positions automatically
- Built-in programs to cover most UK crossing styles
- Fully programmable to suit the modeller's requirements to replicate crossings from around the world

Based on our top of the range level crossing, the LCS6, which when triggered by infra-red sensors plays a digitally recorded sound, operates the crossing lights, and operates attached barriers or gates. The LCS6B4 has been designed to detect model trains on single or multiple tracks at a level crossing by monitoring the track current.

The module has a choice of 18 pre-recorded 10 second sound samples representative of the UK Yodalarm, ringing bells, US wig-wags, US slow bells, Continental gongs, Asian Electronic Sounders, etc.

Each servo operates automatically between their start and stop positions which have been pre-programmed for ease of use. These can be mounted beneath the baseboard with scales like OO and N gauge, or can be mounted above the baseboard when operating barriers on larger scales.

Servo Motors

Servo motors consist of a small dc motor and gearbox combination, designed to drive an externally mounted arm (horn) through a limited range of angles. The motor operates at high speed, and the gearbox reduces the speed to a more appropriate level and so increases the torque significantly. An in-built control circuit varies the motor direction and speed to allow the output shaft to turn to the desired position.

Servos are compact and easy to mount. The barrier or gate can be directly attached to the servo by fixing a wire into the centre of the output shaft with epoxy, or a variety of horns can be mounted on to the output shaft and then extended with thin modelling wire to connect to gates, barriers and signals, etc.

The Level Crossing Controller LCS6B4 can drive two or four servos from their parked position (START position) to their destination (STOP position). For ease of use, the start position and stop positions are pre-programmed to cover an arc of approximately 90 degrees (for use with barriers or gates). This can be varied if required.

Power Supply

The module operates from AC, DC or DCC (track bus) supplies.
You can use a DC power supply between 12V and 25V DC, or any AC power supply between 12V and 16V AC.
If using DCC, the feed can be between 12V and 25V, which covers all normal DCC layouts.
Where a choice is a available, a 12V DC supply is recommended.
Please check the wiring carefully before turning on the power to prevent damage to the module.

Please Note:

Speaker, servo Y leads and four miniature servos are included. Speaker design may vary from that illustrated

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