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BLOCKsignalling Special Sequencing Module with Infra-red Detector M1

Ref: M1

Shipping per unit: $3.00


Product Details:
BLOCKsignalling Special Sequencing Module with Infra-red Detector M1

The BLOCKsignalling module M1 has been designed to carry out a pre-programmed function when
it is triggered, such as powering a section of track to move a train forward, operating a signal, switching
points, trigger actions and so on.

It then it waits until a train reaches the infra-red sensor. At this point, the module completes the action
(eg stops the train) and signals on one of its outputs that the task has been completed (the "DONE"

The DONE output would normally be connected to the trigger ("TRIG" input) of another module of the
same type, which would then carry out its operation. By linking several modules in series, successive
actions can be carried out one after another. If the modules are connected in a loop, the operation will
continue indefinitely.

It the loop is not complete, the action can be started by an input (such as pressing a button) and will
continue until the last module has completed its task. The final output could be connected to an led to
show the sequence has been completed.

Several built in programs to quickly get you up and running. Also the ability to create your own program
to complete a specific task.

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